BDwest’s signature Designed Spaces allow attendees to experience dozens of design elements for hospitality interiors in the context of exquisite lounges, cafes and other gathering spaces throughout the trade fair floor. Each space is created by a leading hospitality design firm using products from multiple BDwest exhibitors/sponsors—a unique collaboration of industry innovators, with stunning results.

MAD HATTER’S TEA PARTY by Wilson-Red and CoberKoeda

Design Team:
Trisha Wilson, WILSON-RED,
Chairman and CEO
Margaret Shutze, Principal and VP
May Poon, Founder and Principal
Liza Koeda, Founder and Principal
“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll’s writing is a true gift to us as designers. Where are you going to find a weapon more powerful than IMAGINATION? Alice in Wonderland is a 19th Century masterpiece with a message that is as contemporary to its readers today as it was when it was first published in 1865.
WILSON-RED and CoberKoeda invite you into a modern vision of Lewis Carroll’s genius. We will host the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party together with sponsors. This will of course be our contemporary take of Alice in Wonderland, with uber lux bespoke elements. Look for the Wonderland forest when you arrive; you will find Red Queen’s mirror, Alice’s chair, Caterpillar’s settee, Mad Bonker’s rug, Nest chandelier…

Feature Area Sponsors: Art Dallas, Liquid Elements & Expanko, brands of The Stonhard Group, Swarovski Lighting, Swavelle Hospitality, Vaughan Benz, Zenith Rugs

Product Sponsors: Delta Faucet, Pioneer Pro Audio

SENSORY OVERLOAD by Stonehill Taylor

Design Team:
Michael Suomi, Principal and Vice President of Interior Design
Nikoletta Stagias, Interiors Associate
Cinthya Toledo, Interior Design Lead
Put down your phones and step into Sensory Overload, a real-world interpretation of your favorite social media apps, where you can experience and discover the world through more than just your screen. Taking inspiration from the idea of connectivity and interaction, Sensory Overload catapults us into the future of design that is modern, playful, and sexy, that inspires and intrigues but never overwhelms. The open plan is divided into three areas: the softer furniture and palette of “Soothe” provides a quiet oasis for conversation; the central bar in “Awaken” features interactive TV screens and artwork that encourage guests to play within the space; and “Stimulate,” the final bar lounge area showcases eye candy in the textured materials and vibrant colors that beg for exploration. The space is completed with the exposed and transparent features of the guestroom. Sensory Overload invites you to move beyond the façade and peel away the layers to bring your mind back to life.

Feature Area Sponsors: JVA Art Group, HB Lighting, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Contract, Moen, Montague, P/Kaufmann Contract, Signature Flooring, Wonderly’s

Product Sponsors: Pioneer Pro Audio

Product Contributor: Trellage-Ferrill Studio


Design Team:
Design Poole
Trisha Poole, Principal
Jaymie Borchardt, Designer
Delta Hotels by Marriott Intl.:
Tara Chung, Director of Interior Design
Karyn Faryna, Interior Design Manager

A rhapsody in music features a range of highly contrasted moods, color, and tonality giving it a sense of spontaneous improvisation. This definition in conjunction with bold, individual expression from Los Angeles and New York City are at the heart of this edgy concept entitled Urban Rhapsody.
Daring to stand out with creativity and performance makes these two cities the favorite destination for those seeking the spotlight of fame. Structured grids and conservative colors clash with fluid forms and playful patterns to highlight difference of the regional culture. Each element of the booth focuses on a different element of the two cities; architecture, artistry, sculpture, and the uniqueness of the people. These elements come together to create a stimulating booth experience while working together to embody the Delta brand.

Feature Area Sponsors: Fairmont Designs, Justin David Textiles, Royal Thai, Studio El

Product Sponsors: Hallmark Lighting, Pioneer Pro Audio

Product Contributors: Lightwave Laser, Samsung

INTO THE BLUE by Marriott Global Design Americas

Design Team:
Laurie Woliung, Sr. Design Director,
Design Management
Paula Applebaum, Manager, Interior Design
Cara Warren, Senior Project Coordinator
Valerie Coleman, Manager, Interior Design
Joseph Kim, Senior Manager, Interior Design
Jason Millhouse, Director of Design Management
Kavitha Iyer, Sr. Design Manager, Lifestyle Full Service
Venture with us ‘Into the Blue’ through a canopy of clouds and an ocean of discovery, and drop a pin for each step of the journey! As we strive to be the world’s favorite travel company, Marriott International is inspired by the global traveler, bringing people together without boundaries and seeking the road less traveled.
At Marriott, we believe that travel should be a dynamic, kinetic experience that is an escape from the ordinary, yet an opportunity to reconnect and restore. Travel is a dance between the familiar and the unexpected, an evolution of external discovery and internal growth.
Through our partnership with cutting-edge industry experts we have created an environment that incorporates design features from several of our iconic brands – from architectural elements to thoughtful artistic details; layers of translucency convey a sense of discoverable moments. Come and join us as we celebrate the adventure!
We welcome you – ‘Into the Blue’ wherever you are, we’re here for you. #MIintotheblue

Feature Area Sponsors: Fabric Innovations, Fairmont Designs, iWORKS/The Light Annex, JG Edelen, Kalisher, Lexmark + Hospitality, Quality & Co,

Product Sponsor: Pioneer Pro Audio, US Vinyl