Boutique Design has selected the 14th annual Boutique 18 and Up-and-Coming Hotelier honorees, its yearly roster of noteworthy designers and hoteliers in the hospitality industry.

Boutique 18

Jorden Adams
director of design
Design Poole Inc

Anisah Ahmed
associate + senior designer
Wimberly Interiors

Anna Bogler
director of interior design
RLH Corporation

Abby Bullard
Stonehill Taylor Interiors

Alexandra Bruemmer
director, West Coast

Amy Cheeks
director, interior design
NELSON Worldwide

Douglas Detiveaux
senior interior designer, associate
Ashley Ewing-Parrott
director of brand strategy
Boutique and Lifestyle Hotels, Vision Hospitality Group/Humanist

Alessia Genova
studio director and senior designer
Tihany Design

Molly Forman
interior designer

Erin Heckert
The Gettys Group

Katie Kelchner
manager, ES Global Design
Hilton Worldwide
Emily Marshall
design interior design discipline leader/senior associate

Ginna Nguyen
director of design
Relativity Architects

Natalie Sheedy
interiors principal
Natalie Sheedy

Zara Vardanyan
intermediate designer
Design 360 Unlimited

Brittney Weiss Hepler
senior design manager
Marriott International

Amber Woody
director of interior design, Upscale Brands
Choice Intl.

Up-and-Coming Hoteliers

Marcus Carey
Homage Hospitality

Damon Lawrence
Homage Hospitality
Peter Mack
founder and chief executive officer
Collective Retreats

Steve Wilson
21c Museum Hotels