Deidre Schwartz

director of design & sustainability
American Hotel Register Company

Deidre has been with American Hotel Register Company for the past 12 years and is responsible for the interior design strategic vision for the company and its project design services group. In addition to design, she also leads American Hotel’s sustainability strategy and mission through a group of cross-functional associates, the American Green Leaders. American Hotel has successfully diverted hundreds of tons of waste from the landfill over the past several years, lessened its carbon footprint through creative transportation strategies and works with suppliers to mitigate social and environmental risks along their collective supply chain. Deidre is a founding board member of Soap Aid, Inc., which is a USA registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization that works with hotels to collect their waste soap and recycle it to new hygienic soap that is distributed around the world to communities in need.


American Hotel’s Living Green product assortment has over 4,500 validated products with environmental preferred attributes and/or certifications. This collection of products continues to grow to help our customers achieve their own sustainability initiatives.


American Hotel is an international provider of services and products that cross various markets including hotels/resorts, timeshare, residential, senior living, as well as government and educational. American Hotel Register Company is a proud corporate champion of Soap Aid, Inc.


Deidre and her husband, Michael, have 3 border collies, enjoy road trips, back-country hiking, and live at Prairie Crossing in Grayslake, IL, a nationally known conservation community with environmental preservation as a guiding principle.