Emily Marshall

design interior design discipline leader/senior associate

Engaging, vivacious and in-tune to the market are apt descriptions of both Emily’s infectious personality and her elegant, modern design aesthetic. As Interior Design Discipline Leader and Senior Associate at HBG Design-a Top 10 leader in the national hospitality industry and a preeminent leader in the Indian gaming industry—Emily’s creativity and interior sensibilities are transforming the way HBG Design and the industry defines the entertainment and hospitality guest experience. Emily is esteemed for her ability as a trusted, knowledgeable advisor to gaming and entertainment clients as they elevate their gaming properties in the marketplace. With each client she works with and each project she undertakes, Emily thoroughly engages herself in understanding and expressing her clients’ missions and visions through thoughtful, compelling design.  She regularly appears in/is quoted in prominent project articles across the gaming/entertainment industry and highlighted as an industry trend setter in industry publications.