Jeffrey Kurt Thompson

Jeffrey Kurt Inc.

The founder of Jeffrey Kurt, Inc., Jeffrey Kurt Thompson, has created a number of sensational projects from Los Angeles to Seattle. Thompson’s feats include, the street art edge to Little Sister in Redondo Beach, a fresh modernity to Fig & Olive’s Melrose flagship, and a sophisticated rusticity to Rider in Seattle, all while reimagining today’s L.A. lifestyle through design, furniture, textiles and materiality in a number of his luxury residential projects. He recently completed Gold Line Bar’s audiophile-driven aesthetic in Highland Park and is developing a furniture line for release in early 2019.


Thompson, who spent 14-years in the U.S. Marine Corps before becoming a designer, credits his success, in part, to his unmatched expertise. “I am an artist who trained in the discipline of an elite U.S. fighting force,” Thompson says. “The Marine Corps’ focus on expediency and mission accomplishment engages my pragmatic approach to project management and budget adherence, while my right-brain is free to explore the artistic outlets I crave.” Thompson finds himself drawn to the creative adventurism of his clients, whether in the hospitality, restaurant, commercial or residential arenas. “My goal on every project is to ultimately create a space for people to fall in love.”